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             Nike is the number one sport shoes and apparel selling company in the world with around twelve billions in sales in 2000 (Nike History and Timeline). The aim of this paper will be to show the diverse marketing strategies that the firm uses around the world in order to maintain the leadership. However, I will first give a short historical background of the company and its creation. Second, I will explain Nike's general marketing strategies based on the description of their web page. Forth, I will continue specifying the strategies using advertising campaigns for different activities: basketball, soccer, and tennis. In the fifth point I will talk about the competition that Nike faces, and finally I will introduce some problems that the company is facing regarding their image.
             Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman officially created Nike in the late 1970's. However, under the name Blue Ribbon Sports, those two men begun to sell running shoes in the early 1960's. In fact, Nike's swoosh logo was created in 1971 by Caroline Davidson but the first shoe with this logo did not appear until the next year. The Swoosh represents "the wing of the Greek Goddess NIKE" (Nike History and Timeline). After limiting their activity to running shoes, the firm begun to diversify their products either by creating them on their own or by purchasing existing sports apparel manufacturing companies. The growing success of the company was not only due to their innovative products but also to manufacturing overseas, more precisely, Japan where they could produce high-tech running shoes at low costs.
             Marketing Strategies.
             Since its creation, Nike has followed very different marketing strategies with the only objective of being number one in the sports footwear and apparel industry. This diversity is due to the growth of the company. In fact, in the 1980's the company's activities where basically focused in the United States.

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