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Collapse of Communism

             The Cold War preceded the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. At the same time, the Soviet Union dissolved into Russia. Change began in 1985 when Mikhail S. Gorbachev came to power and sought improvement. Examining social, economic and political aspects one can outline the possible chain of events. .
             Foremost, the social plight against communism was more prevalent in areas other than the Soviet Union. For instance, as Hungary shifted towards independence, the government lifted restrictions on free travel between it and Austria. Thus, the almighty "Iron Curtain" was breached by allowing East Germans to pass into Austria through Hungary and then onto West Germany. This was in clear defiance of the Berlin wall and communist authority But rather than being sparked by an internal revolt, the regime itself initiated this event. Furthermore, the autumn of 1989 brought tens of thousands of East Germans feeling to West Germany which in turn led to mass demonstrations (i.e. Leipzig). As the people cheered for democracy and an end to the Communist Party, Gorbachev indirectly supported them by denying East Germany of any Soviet aid. Exhibited here "Soviet-communism" metamorphosing to create a domino effect inflicting other communist sovereignties with change. In November 1989, the East Germany government decided to undertake the most moving ceremony in Europe since 1945 by officially opening the Berlin wall. Lastly, Romanian revolt took a more violent course. After a clergyman attempted to defend the rights of ethnic Hungarians residing within Romanian borders, security forces released a blazing storm of bullets into a crowd of demonstrators. Occurring in Timisoara, casualties rose into the hundreds. This event contrasted the outcome of many other anticommunist demonstrations in alike statehoods. The people voiced themselves, and apparently acted with civil disobedience. In return, the authorities acted without reason by committing brutal slaughter.

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