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             It is also the name given to the event which occurred on the 6 August 1945 in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. America had begun an expensive program to create an atomic bomb which was built in New Mexico, 1945. This bomb was called Alamogrodo. Three weeks later America used this bomb on the City of Hiroshima. When it exploded 2,000 feet above the city, it resulted in 90,000 people dying instantly and 200,000 people being injured due to the bomb. .
             What was the problem the Americans were trying to solve?.
             By detonating the atomic bomb over Hiroshima the Americans achieved the following:.
             • Stopping the war, which America declared on Japan, but Japan began.
             • Stopping attacks on their nation such as Pearl Harbour (7th Dec 1941).
             • Reducing American casualties especially those which would have been in frontline battlefields.
             • Testing whether their bomb actually worked and to what extent.
             What other options were there for them?.
             America had several other options to choose from including the following:.
             • Negotiating with Japan to find a resolution or agreement.
             • Negotiating with allies to form an attack .
             What would have been the outcomes for their other choices?.
             This is a difficult question to answer as things always become clearer in hindsight. As for what would have been the outcomes of their other options. I believe that negotiating with Japan would have been useless. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour was executed without warning and many civilians died. This was blatant attack on Americans; it was full of hatred and extremely vengeful. I believe the best way to deal with situation would have been negotiating with Americans allies to form a plan of attack to restrict Japan from not attacking and minimising deaths.
             What choice did USA make and why?.
             Obviously, America chose to drop their use of atomic bombs (Little Boy on Hiroshima and Fat Man on Nagasaki).

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