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            Hiroshima started the day like any other normal city; people were trying to live their lives like there was not a war going on. But the fear of being the next target swept through Hiroshima, other cities such as Kure, Iwakuni, Tokuyama, and other nearby towns were air raided by B-29 also known as Mr.B. Constant air-raid warnings went off everytime a United State weather plane flew by. They got so used to the air-raid warning that when it did go off they just ignored it and continued on with daily activities. Civilian who lived in Hiroshima knew the risk of a bomb attack, so some evacuated. Others destroyed their homes hoping to prevent fires from spreading if a bomb were to be dropped. Mr. Tanimoto was a pastor of the Hiroshima Methodist Church who helped prepare the community to be ready for an attack. Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura, the tailor's window, and a mother of three. Dr. Terufumi Sasaki was a surgeon who worked at the Red Cross Hospital. On this day, August 6, 1945, all their lives would be affected in just a noiseless flash. That moment their lives were forever turned upside down, everything would be different from this day on.
             Mr. Tanimoto was a small man that was quick to talk, laugh, and cry. He felt uneasy days before the bomb fell, so he sent his wife to stay at Ushida. During the night. Mr. Tanimoto moved his personal belongings to a location that was far away from Hiroshima. His belongings were heavy so he got a friend to help him. In return Mr. Tanimoto had to do the same for his friend, help him carry large furniture to a distant location. Next thing he knew a tremendous flash of light cut across the sky, he took four or five steps and threw himself between two big rocks in the garden. His face was against the rock so he did not see what happened. Then pieces of board and fragments of tile fell on him. After the blast he got on his feet and dashed to the street, trying to figure out what happened.

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