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life of th party

             Whenever the weekend is rolling around the constant thought of what are my plans are always appearing in my head. But only a couple times during the year are I lucky enough to get THE call from my mom. As soon as I hear the phrase "we are going out of town" from her, the only idea that appears in my mind is par-ty. My parents always leave with the sound advice of don't do anything I wouldn't do, and even though I don't follow it, I know they would appreciate all of my hard work. That's because throwing a party isn't just a matter of inviting the people, but it is a talent that requires thoroughness and determination every step of the way. .
             The first thing that I plan when I decide to throw a party is the theme. The theme of the party can easily depict the outlook of the party. When a party is themed or named, it usually makes the atmosphere a little more relaxed. It creates a very comfortable surrounding for everyone because it allows people to be themselves. A theme takes away the usual awkward feeling at parties, and replaces them with a stress-free attitude. Whenever I go to themed festivities, my jitters are always gone the moment that I am in that carefree environment. Additionally, themes allow people to start conversations with others without having to worry about something to talk about. You"ll always have something to say from what that person is wearing, to why the hell did the host choose this theme, the possibilities are endless. But remember if you don't want the party to get out of hand, you should usually have a list of everyone invited. Then you can think of a creative way to invite them. You can choose to make flyers and pass them out or just pick a simple name for the party and spread it by word of mouth, by just doing that you will create a great launch for the bash. However, you are only a 1/3 done, now that you have your idea in mind you should think about the security of your home.

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