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georges Grozs

             Most of George Grozs's famous works of art were create during a precise period of time. Period where Germany received a new constitution called Weimar republic and was passing through a considerable economic crisis due to the after war. All these things combined led Germany to important social disorders which been frequently used by artists to criticized the society. The title « During these years » reflects the importance of this period of time and gives us clues on the content of their art. In fact, without this period of time German's art would not be .
             the same. .
             During this exhibit you will be send back in time. In order to perfectly understand an artist's art you must understand into what conditions these works of art had been done. In the case of George Grozs these conditions are simply the period of time during which he did his art. So during this exhibit you will be carry to after war Germany where you will be able to see all the political and social problems going on. Into the exhibit, you will feel as if you were in Berlin around 1920. The atmosphere, the scripting on the walls, the floor, the posters, every single thing around you will send you a little further back in time.
             George Grozs (1893-1958).
             George Grozs was born in Berlin in 1893. He frequented two schools of art during 1909 to 1913 : The Dresden Academy of Arts and the school of Arts and Crafts in Berlin. He was a soldier during World War 1 but was release in 1915 because of many problems. He was readmitted in 1917 but never really served as a soldier because he went back to psychiatric treatment before his discharge. During the time he spent in the army, Grozs started hating the army and its members. This negative idea led him to create many sarcastic representations of the army and its members. Between 1920 and 1930 his works kept the same sarcastic side but suggest an overall view of the contemporary society instead of only showing the military corruption.

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