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Gestalt Therapy

             Corey "Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy" 1982, the key concepts of Gestalt therapy;.
             "The basic assumption of Gestalt therapy is that individuals can themselves deal effectively with their life problems. The central task of the therapist is to help clients fully experience their being in the here and now by becoming aware of how they prevent themselves from feeling and experiencing in the present. Therefore, the approach is basically non-interpretive, and clients carry out their own therapy as much as possible. They make their own interpretations, create their own direct statements, and find their own meaning. Finally, clients are encouraged to experience directly in the present their struggles of "unfinished business" from their past. By experiencing their conflicts instead of merely talking about them, they gradually expand their own level of awareness and integrate the fragmented and unknown part of the personality.".
             Gestalt Therapy is centered on the here and now. The emphasis of the therapy is not on talking about what has happened but on fully experiencing both what is, and what can be. It is a communication technique based on dealing with the current issues one is involved with. It is also about helping the patient with their decisions and choices which they have made that have brought them to be where they are in the present. As the client becomes aware of their issues under their own volition, they will then be more able to set achievable goals to move their life in a positive direction.
             The most important concern is to instill to the patient that they are responsible for their own life. Gestalt Therapy is based on communication and the many varieties this can take, such as words, phrases, tone, body language, expressions. Gestalt teaches the patient to take full responsibility for his words and action. .
             Unlike psychoanalysis, Gestalt therapy does not focus on talking about the client's past.

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