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How do you interpret the role

            How do you interpret the role and character of iago in Acts 1 and 2 including the nature of iago and how the audience perceive and interpret it in different ways?.
             Iago is a character who can come across as a comical figure in the way he makes sexual and racist jokes, but when uncovered reveals a very sinister personality. The only possible humour, which is embedded in his character, is his wicked, self-aware sense of irony and pornographic wordplay, which tarnishes Desdemona's reputation but the well, articulated Othello. It is in this way, through his web of deceit that pulls all the other characters into the play, which gives him a central part, governing the fate of others as he manipulates them and their future outcome. His strong character has the power to bring the audience into the play and enable them to feel a sense of interaction with the plot and other characters.
             Immediately, from the opening scene the nature of Iago has been recognized. He comes across as a jealous, greedy character, which are his two main motives for his despicable future actions. Iago repeatedly instructs Roderigo to fill his purse and to "make all the money thy canst,"" which shows how greedy Iago is and how he has no remorse in taking his acquaintances' purse "As if the strings were thine-. Iago's motives are not solely money driven. He presents himself as evil incarnated in his longing for revenge over Michael Cassio who took the military position Iago wanted. The yarn he spins about Cassio and Desdemona would profit him in two ways, being, finance from Roderigo and getting Cassio in trouble with Othello. This shows how "such a snipe,"" would be "for sport and profit,"" presenting Iago as a nasty person who finds fun in exploiting them. Similarly his passion for money is conveyed to the audience in his metaphor in Act one Scene one where he instructs Brabantio to, "look to his house, his daughter, and his bags as he is being robbed signifying just how much of a one track mind he has and how anyone obstructing him from reaching his goal will be hurt.

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