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Pets of America

             What is the biggest problem America faces today? How did this problem get created? And also what's the best way to solve this problem? These are questions that have been pondered from the time this great country started until the present day; I'm here to say that the homeless are our biggest problem. They make America's streets such a hideous place to walk when they take up valuable walking space. The problem of homelessness is because the weak cannot survive alone in a society; social Darwinism-the strong will survive and the week won't. Forget the fact that about ΒΌ of America is only one paycheck away from being homeless themselves; the problem is that they were the weakest of the weak in society and it was bound to show. How do we solve this problem? I suggest a simple, yet extremely affective solution; we take the homeless in as pets. If people take them in as pets, they will no longer clutter the streets and the people lucky enough to own such a pet, can pretty much make them do what they want.
             The reason the homeless is such a big problem for America is not simply because they are the weakest link; but because of how horrific and hideous they make the streets. Another reason they are a problem is the simple fact that the homeless are always begging for food, and asking for handouts. Just last week I was walking down the street in Hollywood when I was accosted by a homeless man who asked me for some money or food. As if just being harassed by this "thing- wasn't bad enough, he stuck out his hand which was covered with sores, and about a weeks worth of dirt as if to say, place the money or food here. On top of this disgusting sight, when he spoke, his breath smelled of a sewer because he wasn't even able to afford a toothbrush to brush his teeth. He even had the nerve to say, "I will work for food,"" as if I would actually allow this filthy disgusting being anywhere near my house to work for food.

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