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            Autism is a disorder that affects many children. Children with this Pervasive developmental disorder suffer from substantial delay in communication and social interaction associated with development of "restricted, repetitive and stereotyped" behavior, interests, and activities. .
             Autism was first diagnose in 1943 and its symptoms are the following; impaired language, lack of eye contact, lack of social interaction, repetitive behavior, and a rigid need for routine. Although some parents today will describe their children as such, many describe a very different set of symptoms which, while still including impaired language and social skills and lack of eye contact, also include severe sensory deregulation, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and in many cases, chronic gastrointestinal symptoms.
             Autism is a broad-spectrum disorder. Most researchers, clinicians, and parents believe that it is probably more than one disease. The symptoms can range from severe to mild. While the minority may be able to live independently, most will require lifetime care. One of the hallmarks of autism is the impairment of communication skills. It is estimated that half or more of those afflicted with autism will never speak. The average level of intelligence among autistic individuals is unknown because their impaired communication skills make testing of cognitive abilities often nearly impossible. Autism is now the third most common developmental disorder. .
             Presently I doing an internship at a school for children with emotional disorders, most of the kids in this school suffer from Autism. I work as a teacher aid, and my job there is to help these kids speak up, I must constantly talk to them even if they do not talk back to me. Some of them would not even look at you, others may start a conversation with you, and suddenly leave without finishing the conversation, and leaving you with your words in your mouth.

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