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Effects of African Americans i

            Effects of African Americans in the Civil War.
             The Civil War was the most brutal and costly struggle in which American soldiers have ever been engaged. It was an experience that had psychological as well as physical effects on all soldiers who were involved. It was a war that changed men beyond recognition. It is clear that being a black soldier in the Civil War was a harsh and eye-opening experience in many ways, and the psychological effects of it were long-lasting on both the Union and Confederate troops. Affecting their lives long after the war ended. .
             In the beginning of the war white soldiers did not want blacks involved in soldiering and thought they were not mentally or physically strong enough to withstand the hardships. Despite the hostilities towards them, African-American soldiers "bore stiff with patience", showing how they were willing to live with the hardships. .
             The Black regiment entered the war well after it had begun, thus they were all unprepared psychologically to meet the demands of the war. "Union side saw large numbers of Blacks enlisting in the army and joining what they saw as an adventure. Black men felt they were fighting as representatives for everyone in their communities at home and were elevating their status within these communities" (Casner88). Joining the war for many Union African Americans was a large part of their passage from boyhood to manhood because they felt like heroes and it gave them independence from their families. Union side also felt that they were honoring the Constitution and helping to maintain their ways of life. "Thus for the Union side, becoming a black soldier at first gave the men excitement and enthusiasm for the cause, and they felt courageous; fighting on behalf of the country would bring them a kind of honor and status that no civilian could achieve" (Garrison22). .
             As the war continued, the African American soldiers found it more difficult to cope with life in the camps.

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