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Aids in Africa

            The AIDS crisis in Africa has become an enormous problem that cannot and should not be ignored. Out of all of the people in the world with AIDS, at least one third reside in Africa. Why do such a large number of people with AIDS exist solely in Africa? There are many causes and no simple explanation but most of the reasoning can be lumped into three separate factors: political, social, and economic. What can be done about the AIDS problem in Africa? Only be thoroughly exploring each of the contributing factors, can an acceptable solution to the AIDS crisis be reached. .
             1) Thirty-four million people living in sub-Sahara Africa have been infected with HIV.
             2) Eleven and a half million of these people have already died. .
             3) One quarter of this 11.5 million were children under the age of 15.
             4) Seven out of every ten newly infected HIV cases reside in sub-Sahara Africa.
             5) Nine out of every ten children under the age of 15 are infected with HIV.
             6) Of all historic AIDS deaths, 83% have come from Africa.
             7) 95% of all AIDS orphans live in Africa.
             8) 70% of the world's AIDS cases reside in Africa while only 10% of the world's population resides in Africa.
             AIDS: An Economic Crisis .
             My portion of the presentation will focus on the economic crisis that AIDS has caused in Africa. AIDS has the potential to create severe economic impacts in many African countries. It is different from most diseases because it strikes most people in the most productive age groups and is essentially 100% fatal. The two major economic effects are a reduction in the labor supply and increased costs. By affecting labor supply I mean that the country will lose a large number of young adults in their most productive years, and in turn affect the overall economic output of a given country. If AIDS becomes prevalent among the economic elite, then the economic impact on the country will be much larger than the AIDS death count would initially indicate.

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