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AIDS In Africa

             Africa is fighting a loosing battle against AIDS.
             In the last 15 years AIDS has taken over 11 million lives.
             and it is estimated that another 22.5 million are infected. African household incomes have.
             fallen by half and business profits have decreased by 20 percent due to AIDS deaths, and.
             this is just one impact of the AIDS epidemic. Economically AIDS is greatly affecting.
             Africa. In the gold mines of southern Africa one in four of its 48000-strong labor force.
             has AIDS. Investors are starting to view sub-Saharan Africa as a risky destination.
             because of the region's staggering HIV/Aids statistics. Another impact of AIDS affects.
             the children. When so many people are dying from this disease it leaves orphans with no.
             one to raise them. Many of these children are then not attending school and getting an.
             education. AIDS is defiantly impacting Africa in many ways. .
             AIDS is spreading in Africa for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons AIDS is.
             spreading in Africa is cultural norms. In Africa it is not abnormal for a man to have sex.
             with a woman who is not his wife. Another reason that AIDS is spreading is men working.
             away from the home. Men are being forced to travel or go to cities to find work because.
             there are no jobs, when these men are away from their wives they find other women to fill.
             their sexual desire. Also, the men who are truckers in Africa are helping spread the.
             disease. They go through out Africa, away from their wives, and have sex with many.
             people. Another reason AIDS is spreading is lack of education and lack of funding. .
             There is not enough money to tackle the problem in the way in should be handled. If more.
             countries would give money to Africa more vaccines and more education on the issue.
             could be handled. If the people could just be educated on the issue these numbers may not.
             be so high. Another reason the disease is spreading is because children are also being.
             targeted. Children are looked at as clean or innocent so they are targeted out, thus.

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