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Africa and Aids

            Africa lacks a health care system, educational infrastructure, clean water, and basic sanitation practices. (Module 5, page 11) In fact a great deal of those who live in very poverty stricken Africa struggle putting food on their table each day. In the midst of all these problems associated with their lifestyle, lies one of their biggest struggles, avoiding contraction of the HIV. South of the Sahara, HIV and AIDS are worse than anywhere else in the world, and this catastrophe is transforming the continent forever. .
             The disease has just recently risen within the population of females, and especially the youth. In Africa, girls 18 years of age and younger are five times more likely to contract the virus than boys. (Module 5, page 11) This is the result of being subjected to rape and forced sex among young women. Girls are frequently pushed into sexual relationships with older men, most of which are infected with the disease. These men may not necessarily know they are infected, but if they are, women still have very little power and very few rights. Choice is simply not an option for them. Uninformed about prevention, powerless to protect themselves, last in line for care and life saving treatment, make sub-Saharan African women increasingly susceptible to the virus. Treating infected persons with an Anti-retroviral drug could be used to drastically slow the progression of HIV. It has been proven that people who are undergoing HIV therapy with these drugs can expect to live for decades longer than without the drugs. However, being realistic, the current drugs used are extremely expensive and it would take a family a lifetime of saving to finance one treatment. (Module 5, page 9) .
             In my opinion, the most cost" effective prevention or awareness method would be through the education process. However, creating literature, which is communicable across many different realms, is difficult considering the various language borders.

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