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AIDS In Africa

             AIDS is the number one cause of death in Africa and the fourth.
             AIDS is a disease caused by HIV-a virus that attacks.
             the white blood cells of the body, which help fight off infections. AIDS.
             breaks down the body's immune system. AIDS is technically known as.
             Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Aids is a worldwide threat but it.
             has affected some parts of the world--Africa, the United States, and.
             Haiti--were severely affected. .
             The AIDS virus has extremely affected the continent of Africa. More.
             than 8.6 percent of all adults in sub-Saharan Africa are HIV-positive,.
             compared to 0.6 percent of Americans (Mayell 27). This disease has.
             greatly surpassed the number of people affected in the United States. Rich.
             Mkhondo revealed that AIDS surpasses malaria and war as the biggest.
             killer in Africa. Unlike other countries, where the disease has spread among.
             homosexuals and intravenous drug users, most of the infections in Africa.
             are the result of heterosexual sex.
             South Africa continues to be the most severely hit region of Africa by.
             the AIDS virus. Louise Vis Carton states that South Africa has the highest.
             number of HIV-positive individuals in the world. Sub-saharan Africa seems.
             to be the region with the fastest moving epidemic. "By early 1999, the.
             Government of South Africa estimates that 2.4 million South Africans were.
             living with HIV, up by more than one-third over 1998" (Mwangi 12). In.
             Botswana, the proportion of the adult population living HIV has doubled.
             over the last five years. .
             The AIDS epidemic in Africa has created several problems. One.
             major problem for the continent is that fact that several people are.
             continuously being infected every day by this deadly disease. According to.
             the US News & World Report, six new people become infected by the AIDS.
             disease very minute. There is no end to this deadly epidemic. The AIDS.
             disease continues to spread because it takes a while for the person to show.
             any possible symptoms. So he or she resumes regular behavior and.

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