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             It has been a stretch to call many of the new brand of vehicles "crossovers."" Many of them cross over only in terms of their underlying construction, a distinction lost on most consumers. Critics tend to "out- other such vehicles as thinly veiled minivans. The Chevrolet Avalanche, however, crosses over in ways that are evident to everyone, combining the comfort of a crew-cab pickup truck with the utility of a regular-cab pickup by means of a flip-down element called a midgate that joins the cargo box to the cabin interior. Some would say the Avalanche melds pickup and sport utility vehicle. Chevrolet calls it the Ultimate Utility Vehicle (UUV). In the interest of sanity, I will refer to it only as the "Avalanche- " a bizarre name, but at least it's an actual name. I'll cut Chevy some slack for not naming it A430iL or something similarly alphanumeric and impossible to remember.
             The trade-off between cargo space and people space has always been an issue among different styles of pickup trucks. To get more occupant space with an extended cab or crew cab, one would have to sacrifice bed length. True, one can opt for a "long bed- truck that combines the extended cab or crew cab with an 8-foot bed, but that requires longer wheelbases and overall length, resulting in a vehicle that's about as maneuverable as the Queen Mary. The Avalanche lets you have both, as long as you don't require both at the same time. (The Avalanche is compared to three other pickup configurations in the cars.comparison.).
             The Avalanche is further proof that General Motors' head is as firmly attached to its shoulders in the truck realm as it has been buried in the sand when it comes to passenger cars. The Avalanche is based on the Chevrolet Suburban, arguably General Motors' best product and certainly one of the best vehicles of its type in the world. Though 85 percent of the Avalanche's components are shared with the Suburban, only the door handles and side mirrors are the same on the outside.

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