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The Search for Delicious

             In the book Search for Delicious, written by Natalie Babbit a king, queen, prime mister and the queen's brother Hemlock had a disagreement regarding which food what does delicious mean. So they sent the prime minister's foster son Gaylen to find out what does delicious mean. The king thought that delicious meant Apple Pie, the queen thought that delicious meant chocolate pudding; the prime minister thought that delicious meant fried fish and the queen's brother Hemlock thought that delicious meant peanuts. .
             So Gaylen was sent to the first town to find out what delicious meant. Hemlock wanted delicious to be peanuts so he went to the first town to obliterate Gaylen. Gaylen asked every one what there favorite food was. A lot said different things, soon there was an argument. Gaylen left the city, he was in the woods and he saw something behind the bushes, it was a woo dweller. Then they went up a long rope and saw a lake. .
             In the lake, Gaylen saw a mermaid. He went to a mermaid and talked with her. Hemlock followed Gaylen and the woo dweller. Gaylen and the woo dweller would come every day to the lake and talk to Ardis the mermaid. One day Hemlock and his henchmen followed the woo dweller and Gaylen. When they had reached the top, Hemlock wanted to kill Gaylen but the woo dwellers magic saved Gaylen and killed Hemlock. .
             In the end Gaylen told the king and queen that delicious should not be one certain food, it should be all types of food. The king and queen where impressed by the wisdom of Gaylen and made him the mayor of the first town. Thirteen years later every on wondered why Gaylen went to the lake every April, must be a huge mystery. .

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