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Cause of World War 1

            1) The greatest cause of World War 1 was the European Alliances. Before World War One began, certain European nations had entered into many alliances to protect themselves from each other. There were ten major alliances formed in Europe before 1914. The countries created alliances between themselves to motivate their defense which would bring the strong armies together in case of war.
             The Dual Alliance was formed in 1879. It consisted of Austria-Hungary and Germany. Bismarck wanted to protect Austria-Hungary from possible Russian attacks which would eventually occur because Russia attacked Turkey. Germany needed Austria-Hungary as an allie because if ever Austria-Hungary fell under the control of Russia , the Russians would attack the Germans next. Germany used the alliance as a defensive method to their advantage. Two years later the Germans and Austro-Hungarians realized that Russia wouldn't attack them if they let Russia join their Alliance. The alliances were partially created by nationalism. They were trying to protect their nationalistic interests. Most of the European countries allied with one another to have a sense of security. A country hoped that the alliances formed would discourage any enemy attacks. In a case where the allied country was attacked, the member alliance of the alliance would aid in the battle. There were two alliances that existed in Europe. The Triple Alliances (1887) which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. And the Triple Entente (1907) which included Great Britain, France and Russia.
             World War 1 lasted from 1914-1918. This war lasted much longer than expected, and casualties were great ;120,000 killed in 24 hours, 40,000 wounded in 24 hours, and 250,000 men killed in 5 square mile area. A bullet from an assassin's gun condemned the five powers of Europe to engage in brutal warfare over a period of 4 years. On June 28,1914, an assassin, Gvrilo Princip, gunned down the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Francis Fernidad.

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