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For My Mother

            As intelligent human beings, we make decisions everyday what to wear, what to eat, what T. These are decisions we face on a daily basis. However, there comes a time in many people's lives that a path must be chosen; a decision must be made; each choice being life changing. I knew my path would lead me to veterinary school. It was a goal I had set for myself for as long as I can remember. Yet, unknown to me, a decision I would have to make would change my "path" for the rest of my life.
             High school graduation came and my dreams were just beginning to become a reality. Western Kentucky University waited for my arrival. When mid-August came, my journey to become a veterinarian began. There was no looking back.
             Throughout the first two years of my college career I was devoted to my studies. I was able to keep a good balance between business and pleasure, however business always came first. I was known for my "all nighters." Before a test, I would stay up the entire night reviewing my notes, sometimes drinking two or three pots of coffee. This caused several grumpy mornings and afternoon naps. It caused several A's as well.
             My grades were fantastic and everything seemed to be going as planned. Going into my junior year, Dr. Jones, my school advisor, informed me that unless I bombed my entrance exam (the GRE), "Auburn would be a reality." That statement ran through my head as often as blood through my veins. I was a woman possessed. I bought every preparation kit and idiot's guide related to the GRE that I could find. One small test wasn't going to get in the way of a dream I had been working towards all my life.
             Soon after my guide buying rampage, I found that, indeed, the test would not get in my way. Something much larger arouse from the fog. I soon found out how "out of control" of my life I was.
             I received a phone call from my mother in November of my junior year. At first, the call seemed to be routine.

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