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what i learned in enlish 1

             My experience in English 1 was a good one. Shingler, was the best English teacher ever. Taking into consideration that English is not one of my favorite subjects, Mrs. Shingler taught us in a fun and easy way. She was very outgoing and made me feel comfortable. For all my hard work and efforts I received a final grade of an A-, which I was definitely satisfied with. When I found out I would have to take another English course I thought, well that's fine, not a big deal, Mrs. Shingler will be my teacher again. Things didn't turn out that way though. I guess not everything can turn out the way you expect. .
             In English 1 the class learned about referencing and the parts of speech such as nouns, pronouns, adjectives, etc. The class also learned about elements, patterns, and types of sentences. As we traveled further into the book, possessive nouns, personal nouns, and antecedents played a big role. This chapter was probably the hardest for me. Eventhough it was difficult, I still managed to figure it out somehow and get through the chapter.
             The teacher decidexd to have the class write paragraphs, do some paraphrasing and also the summarization of various articles. One article the class had to paraphrase and summarize was an article about Mars. It was decided, since Mars was such a huge .
             Kull 2.
             issue at the time, the class should come up with a new title for the article presented to us. It was also required that the class choose one paragraph and paraphrase it. I found it very fascinating how different and similar Mars is to Earth.
             Another interesting project was to write an essay on "What it means to be an American." It was amazing how so many students view were similar but also different in their own amendments protect us the way they do. Things like freedom of speech, and also how other countries rules and regulation are so different from the U.S.
             The English final was a piece of cake.

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