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What I Learned in Psychology

             There are only a few things I've learned from taking this class, but the few things I learned are worth much more than anything else I have ever learned in all the classes that I have taken at Meramec. With each of the topics that I wrote about, I gained a least a little something from each question. The question on how should one live made me think of what was really important in my life, having a loving family or making a large amount of money. The Star Trek paper intrigued me concerning the many aspects of choosing the "right" decision. The "Does Science Tell the Whole Truth" paper did not interest me at all. I don't think I gained much from that section just because I don't care about every little detail of why something happens, so I wouldn't be interested if science really did explain the truth. "Who Am I - What Am I" was very interesting in that scientists don't know the exact answer, so it was fun for me to think of different ways I thought the mind and body interact and how they are two extremely different things. The one question that blew me away when I actually thought deeply of my answer was, "Is There a God." It really got to me because right now in my life I"m at a crossroads trying to make a decision not necessarily if I think there is a God or if I believe in Him, but if I truly trust Him. That question provoked my thinking, if I am really as close to God as I want to be.
             The question on how should one live got me thinking mostly of education and family. I think I"d rather be educated because I know I would have a career that I would love if I continue college and get a degree. Also with more education I would be able to gain more money to live a comfortably without worrying about my ability to pay a simple, needed bill (electricity). In my life, I need people that love me to support me so I would definitely need a loving, supportive family that I can lean on during tough times.

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