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Money Matters

             Money Matters.
             The way people deal with money is changing with time. There are more resources than ever to help in handling money. Some people adapt to and utilize these new tools, but others have a hard time understanding them.
             My great-grandmother Victoria, for example, always kept her cash in little stashes. She would hoard it in the freezer, beneath a brick in the mantle, in empty canned-food jars, behind wall hangings, and even stitched under her poodle's bed. She could not comprehend why some people would want to trust someone in a bank to look over their money. On the other hand, there are those like my uncle Jerry, who I doubt have ever seen their cash. He is paid electronically into his account, has bills automatically deducted, and uses various debit or credit cards for all the purchases he makes. Whatever is left over is invested, then he sees it only in up and down arrows. Most people settle somewhere between these old-fashioned and modern extremes; yet my parents and I still differ greatly in the way we control our finances. To budget weekly income, they use a system of labeled envelopes; whereas, I make a monthly .
             budget online. They have a difficult time deciding where the extra spending money will be spent, but I have four categories into which the extra will always go. My parents believe that the best way to prepare for the future is to save bit by little bit. I like to experiment with investing and watch my money grow. My way may not necessarily be better, but it is definitely more convenient.
             To prepare their weekly budgets, my and I organize very differently. They cash their checks and distribute the money into envelopes. The envelopes are labeled food, house payment, car payment, phone, PUD, insurance etc. My parents then take the money for all the bills and payments to the bank and put it in their checking account so they can mail in the checks.

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