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Money and Happiness

             It is said that money is the most important thing in life.
             There is a common saying that 'money is the root of all evils' and because of this , most people often associate the love of money with negative characteristics like greed and corruption. In this industrialized and materialistic world, however, it would be naive to believe that money is unnecessary and unimportant. Especially in these tough economic times, money is important to everyone due to rising costs and unemployment. Besides money, however other things like health and happiness are also important in life. As such, although money is important to all of us, it is not the most important thing in life. Despite the fact that many people criticize money as evil, it is the standard against which all goods and services are valued and as such, it is both necessary and important. An overwhelming desire for material wealth does indeed have the power to corrupt since it can led people who are inferior to them in terms of status. The crux of the matter, however, it is not so much money itself but the individual's attitude towards money. In fact, money that is spent wisely can bring nothing but good.
             Money is important in life precisely because of the good it can do for individuals and society as a whole. Privately, money can help individuals since it can be used to purchase the good things in life. With the help of money, the life of an average person can be improved in almost every aspect since, in this days and age; money is money is not only important for buying necessities or food but also necessary in terms of leisure activities. Rich individuals can also donate their money to charitable organizations that depends on such generosity to help those who are less fortunate. Those individuals who lack money, on the other hand, suffer from hunger and may drop out of school or turn to crime in order to escape poverty. Money is also important to governments to provide housing, hospitals and schools for their citizens.

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