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Does money buy happiness?

            Although referred to as the "root of all evil", in today's society, people who have money are often held at a higher regard, sadly enough. Because of the pedestal we put people of wealth on, it is often presumed that through possessing money, happiness is just another component of the wealth. I couldn't disagree with that more. Yes, money can help to obtain material possessions, but it doesn't buy you the close relationships held with friends, family, lovers, and people in society altogether. Also, money doesn't make you a whole person; in fact, it often hinders you from being your true self because of the fact that you have the power to obtain just about anything that can be bought. This mindset tends to make give off an attitude of arrogance and could result in disconnection from people, even the ones you love.
             As Karen Sunde wisely said, "to love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." Through expressing the emotion of love with people, life is made more whole and complete. Love with and for people cannot be bought with money. Money alone will not allow you to attain valid relationships with others; only superficial ones based on greed. The genuine relationships we have with others make life worth living for. Also, not through money, but rather a good personality, are how these relationships are obtained. .
             Along with love from others, money is unable to buy someone a charismatic personality that makes them liked, or even accepted by others. In what I've seen in several instances, money tends to make a person believe they are powerful. It often stems from the idea that they have the ability to acquire anything money can by. The attitude of .
             arrogance tends to overpower one's mindset, making people have a feeling of resentment .
             toward them or the person choosing to be reclusive altogether leaving them with nothing but their precious money.
             Despite the fact that society tells us people with money are at a higher standard, wealth is unable to buy the people who have it happiness.

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