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            Happiness is something that almost all individuals in or world today strive for. If happiness were not an issue in life, the world would not be anything like it is today. Everything is somehow linked in someway to happiness. Happiness is the predominant motive in life. Why do individuals work? To make money. Why do they want money? To buy things. Why do they buy things? To fulfill their own happiness. Obviously not everything that people buy is for happiness, granted people have to buy things to fulfill their needs. However, when it comes down to getting a job and making money, people generally want to make enough money so that they can buy more than what they actually need. If people did not look to material objects or "extras" for happiness, then why would people put themselves through the unnecessary trouble of school and work for the majority of their lives? Children are sent to school in order to receive an education. The better the education and the more they succeed in school, the better the college they can get into, and the better the job. This therefore means more money; automatically relating to more happiness. This may sound somewhat stereotypical, but realistically, this is they key motivation of our society.
             Society, on a whole has a false sense of happiness. Society is based on this motivation to have better things, and to not only have better but to have more. People of society today believe that once they have better things that they will be happy. This however is not true. What society fails to realize is that people cannot avoid their own greed. No matter how much one accomplishes or obtains, there is always something else to strive for in order to fulfill one's own personal happiness. The individual may be happy, but they will always want to be happier. Most people have this idea in their head that if they have a lot of money, they will be happy.

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