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             What is happiness? Is it feeling overjoyed, pleasured, or satisfaction? Yes, these are characteristics of being happy but what really bring these words together? I believe there are four aspects in making someone happy and they are life force, ego, love and variety. .
             The purpose of life is to be happy because without it there will be a great deal of emptiness. Life force is one of the foremost important necessity that we, human need such as food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. These are the basic needs in order to survive and carry out human's body. They are materialistic items that give me security and safety. Life force is there for me only to satisfy and comfort my living. Without it, I will be hungered with pain and misery. Another aspect of happiness is ego. Ego is confidence, self-esteem, and prestige that fulfill my courage to stand up for myself and carry a reputation for others to see. Ego boosts my energy, spirit, and power so that I am valuable to others. Inner spiritual thoughts are very important and having the ego builds my attitude strongly. Love is another great aspect of happiness and it is simply an emotional exchange with different conditions. I think love is conditional because I may say that I love my mother but what if my mother was someone else's mother, would I still love her just as much? Or let's say I loved my girlfriend, but when she goes out and cheats on me I will not love her anymore. I realized that there are certain limitations to love someone because it's basically when I do something for you; you do something for me as well. Finally, variety is a very important aspect of happiness because everybody needs diversity to spice up his or her life. I like the fact that I have many options to choose when it comes food, activity, or materials. People need variety of things to make and improve their life easier. .
             These four aspects of happiness partially answered my questions but surprisingly, there is one more thing that makes everything real and one thing and only one thing that everybody needs is, money.

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