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             Every person looks for the greatest good in their live and most of their action are a mean for that greatest good. The greatest good is happiness. Aristotle says "Everyone loves and seeks or pursues or desire everything they love or seek or pursue or desire for one and the same reason: because they hope it will make the happy." Happiness is the one thing everyone searches for, no one does anything because they think it will make them unhappy. We do not seek happiness as a mean for other ends, we do thing as a mean for happiness. .
             What constitutes happiness? Happiness is different things for different people but its not totally subjective to our desires. There is a difference between real and apparent happiness. Happiness is not only subjective feeling but also a objective state. Its not only your desires but the morality of them. .
             There are ten things to find true happiness which are:.
             Pleasure people thinks is the meaning of true happiness because just as happiness is search as a end not as a mean. Pleasure is search as end because when one is truly happy pleasure is also achieved. .
             Money is wanted by everyone because is mean of exchange. Money can buy everything that is a thing but it cant buy happiness because happiness is not a thing. Money been a mean is the reason why it cant be the final end because it purpose is to be used for a end and a mean cant be a end. .
             The argument of health is that it only satisfies our animal side not our human side. Health is a mean to our human end but its not our final end.
             Honor is a en but not the final end because we want to be honored by the wise not the fools and by the people who we know not by strangers. To be honored that way we need to have another quality and that quality is your end not honor. Honor is in the mind of other not yours and happiness is in your so honor cant be the greatest good. .
             Altruism is a great good but not the greatest good.

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