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sports classification

            The majority of middle-aged persons of both genders aspire to have an active lifestyle. The idea of fitness is an important part of today's society. People are constantly bombarded with sports images, new diet plans, new fitness regimens, and so on. The majority of society wishes to take part in some form of fitness in one way or another. This essay will look at three broad sports categories and the merits of participating in sports that are part of each category, in special consideration of middle age participation. The categories are: water sports, racquet sports, and snow sports. For each category, two main ideas will be looked at to give an overview of these sports categories. Firstly, the fact that certain physical issues generally arise in middle age. Bones break easier, muscles become shorter, and long term injuries such as sore knees or strained backs must be taken into account. Secondly, the average budget required to participate in these sports and to buy the necessary equipment will be discussed. .
             When the category of water sports is considered for middle age participation, swimming and windsurfing are great examples. Obviously, there are many other water sports to pursue but for this essay we will narrow it to these two sports. Swimming is not very stressful on older bones and muscles because of the buoyancy of water. There is not a high likelihood of being injured while swimming. A middle-aged person may have sore muscles for a few days if they are just beginning to swim, but that would the extent of injuries. Swimming is a positive way to stay fit, because it is highly aerobic and increases lung power, and also helps tone arms and legs. .
             The budget for swimming is quite minor. One needs to invest in a bathing suit, and have enough money to pay for admission to a pool. For community pools it is normally not more than a few dollars. In the summer, pool admission is not even necessary; people can swim at a lake for free.

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