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Classification of athletes

             There are many different athletes, there are those who play team sports , those who play .
             individual sports, and those who play both. Athletes can be skilled and confident or they may not be. Many different people are athletes, and they al can be categorized into one of four groups. The people in the first group of athletes are those who play sports for fun. People in this .
             category join teams to spend time with the friends that they already have, or to meet new ones. At a soccer game the athlete who is there for fun is probably more interested in the conversation on the side lines, than the game itself. These athletes have little dedication to their sport and could give it up at any time. These athletes have hardly any dedication because they are not interested in improving their skills which would allow them to continue playing at higher levels. .
             The second type of athlete is one who has pushed fun out of their mind. These people are .
             forced into playing sports by their family. These athletes may have had potential, but after being pushed by their families they have lost their drive and dedication.
             The third type of athlete can be the most talented. These athletes are those who only .
             play a sport for the recognition that they receive. The people in this group are individualists, in the sense that they rank their goals higher than those of their team. For instance in a hockey game an athlete who plays for recognition may be considered a "puck hog". An athlete who plays for .
             recognition has no real dedication to his or her sport. Dedication, like heart, is something that this .
             athlete feigns in order to improve their status.
             The last type of athlete is the athlete who plays solely for the love of competition. The people in this group put their team before themselves, and always support their teammates. For a person in this group his or her main goal is success, and to them success means fun.

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