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             In this essay I will focus on highschool students. Do you remember your first day of highschool? The place was full of all types of prospective students. Each type had its own style of dress, attitudes, speech patterns, and grooming. Even though they are all students of the same school, they all have different classes or groups. They are bangers, kickers, preps, jocks, and nerds. .
             Bangers or head bangers dress in dark colors, usually black. Their pants are more likely to be baggy and sag, while their small and tight shirts are fitted to the body. Their grooming habits are poor. In fact they always look as if they are dirty or just got off bed. Some of them like long hair, while others like spiked or greasy hair. A lot of them favor dying their hair yellow-blond or polish-black. Their speech contain violence, profanity, and darkness. They express themselves by tattooing or piercing their bodies. Their attitude is somewhat negative to others outside of their group.
             Kickers or cowboys dress in thigh Wrangler jeans, polo shirts, and exotic animal boots. A fancy belt same skin as the boots and a jumbo sise buckle, usually wit their name or the city they originally from. Their grooming habits are good. The guys wear short hair or mullet kind and are well shaved. The girls usually have long hair in a pony tail. They talk in rural style, using often the word "guey" when referring to an animal. Their attitude is cheerful, friendly , and tolerant to teachers. They are polite and respectful to all.
             Preps or preppies dress in a very fashionable way. Everything must be the latest fashion and good brand's, popular names like Tommy H., Polo, or Nautica. Their grooming habits are somewhat like the kickers, but they don't wear cowboy boots. They wear expensive shoes or dress boots. The girls are groomed clean and have their nails done every week. They paint their nails in bright colors which match their outfit.

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