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Leadership and Organizational Behavior - Life Style Inventory

            My primary thinking style according to the inventory is that I am perfectionist. This means that I am a person with very high standards, I want everything to be just right at all the times. At first when I saw highest score in this style I was surprised as all the time in my thought process I try to do the best of what I do. I sat back and thought why? Well the answer is I have inherited it from my mother. While growing up I was trained to do household work by her way and she was know as a perfectionist. As a child I was poor in studies. I failed in 3rd grade finals, my mother told me if I do not succeed in studies I would end up doing work as a maid. As a repeater student I was bullied in the classroom. The fear made me study hard and do my best. During the schools I won many drawing competitions and made me well known in my school and was appreciated by my teachers. At early age I supported my family financially and hence to sustain and survive at job I always did my best to get promotions. I am software engineer and have worked in small teams. Through out my career I have led a team with great responsibility. The nature of my work required task oriented work to be delivered without errors. I learned the method that hard work with best efforts always gives success and to survive you have to beat others to win in the competition. Based on the LSI development guidelines being a "Perfectionist" I would be emotionally isolated and difficult in approach by team members. However, I do not sense at all when I am working with my team members. I have few friends and members who say I am their inspiration for their life. It is very true that I put hard on myself to do best all the time. I take the decision rationally at work as well at home. My friends tell me I am extrovert, which is true. I get along with almost everyone and they also enjoy my company. If I take the ownership of the work then I complete it without any further complains and I expect the same from my team members.

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