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Macbeth compare contrast

            Within the play Macbeth, there are many parts of the living experience that are touched on in a poetic and intricate manner, such as the stressed progression of Macbeth's coming full circle and Lady Macbeth's mental deterioration before death. They acted in a fashion that would put their own goals first, but they were diversified by some of their characteristics, which made them both extremely dynamic. Lady Macbeth was the manipulator of Macbeth in this tale, but no matter what their status, the manipulator and the manipulated met their individual doom.
             Macbeth changes throughout the play and upholds many traits that make him out to be a dynamic character. In the beginning of the play, he is portrayed as a valorous warrior who is loyal to King Duncan, " For brave Macbeth- well he deserves that name- Like valor's minion carved out his passage." (Iii, Ln 16&19). However, he is thought of as a coward by Lady Macbeth and is guided through his first steps of becoming a devious king by her. " Glamis thou art a Cawdor, and shalt be what thou art promised they nature is too full o'th" milk of human kindness." (Iv, Ln 15-17). This exemplifies Lady Macbeth's doubts of Macbeth. Over time his lust for power throws him into a tailspin of destructive emotions and actions. Once he learns of the witches prophesy he becomes an impulsive man who slowly gains the title of a terror. He is easily manipulated at the hands of Lady Macbeth and through that orchestration, murders King Duncan. This is only the beginning of his terrible reign, and his evil fashion. He is very secretive about the murders he commits and the valuable information he receives by means of the witches. Macbeth's personal conflict becomes apparent by his temporary damnation at the site of Duncan's murder. " One cried " God Bless Us!" and " Amen" the other, I could not Say "Amen" when they did say "God Bless Us!" (Iii, Ln 26 & 28).

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