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my hobby

             Bowling, bowling, bowling, my only alternative to life. Nobody on the face of this Earth can stop me from picking up a bowling ball. That would be like trying to stop a hurricane. Bowling is a very tough sport. Bowling involves hand and eye coordination, timing, speed and most of all the law of physics. To be a good bowler you must include all of the above to be consistant. Very much practice and dedication of your time can make you such a good bowler that you can make your living being a professional bowler .Ten pins sit at the end of a long, slippery, wooded alley just waiting for you to launch your ball like a torpedo and crash into them like two cars hitting each other head on at one-hundred ten miles an hour. That's adrenaline right there. Then, to add the competition in with the adrenaline, its an unstoppable force once it has you in its grip.
             To understand the sport of bowling, first start with the approach and the release. The approach is how ever many steps you take towards the foul line before you release the ball. I have a five-step approach, which is most common with people. You must be comfortable in your approach to be a successful bowler. Balance and timing are key in your approach. You must have your body evenly balanced with your shoulders square to the pins in order to throw the ball the way you want to. If you even drop your shoulder a quarter of an inch, you can pitch it in the gutter.
             Next is the mind part of the sport. If I throw a ball over the first arrow and I come up in the pocket light that means I either dropped my shoulder or I missed my mark. Being left handed I would move one board to the left because the ball came up left of the pocket so I will move left. If the ball was to come up high in the pocket and leave a split I would move one or two boards right depending on the situation of where the ball hit the pins.

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