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Finding The Perfect Job

             Finding the perfect job is something that is very difficult. Most Americans say, "Just finding a job is hard." American's in general are not satisfied with the current job they have. Finding the perfect job isn't an easy as most people would think. There are many steps to take in finding the perfect job. I have some helpful tips to give to try and help find the perfect job.
             First, one needs to decide what it is that interests one, for example, if Bob hates dealing with food Bob is not going to go try and apply for a job at a restaurant. Make a list of things one enjoys doing and/or your hobbies. For example, Bob loves little kids, so he should apply at child development center or something related to that. One wants to choose something that will interest that person, because if it isn't exciting they"ll find their job boring and they"ll hate work, thus making every workday miserable. I have another example, I hate cleaning and I once had a job as a busboy at a restaurant, it paid well but I hated every minute of work because I hate to clean.
             Secondly, look at the list of hobbies or things written down that interest one and see which hobbies one has the credentials to do. List the hobbies that one has the credentials to do from best to worst. Look in the local phone book and look for places where one will have potential job opportunities, write down the place and phone number of the place. One can't forget that one has to be realistic with their decisions on jobs selected. An example, if Mike loves Playing basketball, Mike just can't call up the New Jersey Nets and ask for a job, make the decision realistic.
             Call those places of employment in which one has the credentials to work, and ask, "if they are hiring". One must sound confident on the phone with the person. If they say yes, schedule an interview with the manager. If they aren't hiring, move on to the next place of employment that best suits one.

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