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            I collect a wide variety of things, including books, videos, stuffed animals and equine related items (like figurines and posters). I've also recently started collecting business cards though not on any serious level. .
             I enjoy researching different areas, especially American history, human sexuality and canines. With American history, the main areas that I am currently concentrating on is the Civil War, Southern history and slave times. American history is also my planned minor at Blinn. I want to read more on the history of other countries, but haven't been able to find (and afford) the book types I like. With my areas of study, I always prefer the more verbose writings to lectury technical ones.
             I read voraciously, with my favorite book types being romantic suspense, non-fiction, and animal related stuff. I also read some sci-fi and "teen" books, as well as graphic novels and manga.
             I'm always making attempts at writing poetry, romantic fiction, suspense and horror, as well as non-fiction stuff like articles and user guides. When I can afford it, I do some oil painting and sketching with color pencils. Most is of it is of the landscape variety and shows my mediocre talent. .
             I'm a former RPG, miniatures and CCG gamer who now does my gaming on computer (like Baldur's Gate and Descent to Undermountain). My favorite games include the Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy series. I recently finished Final Fantasy X and am now working on Parasite Eve II and enjoying a borrowed copy of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. .
             Believe it or not, I have even more hobbies. I am an avid photographer, in both color and B&W film. I have an automatic and SLR, and am looking forward to purchasing a new Canon Elan or Rebel SLR in the next few months. .
             I love music, and pretending I can sing when no one is around. It often helps clear my mind, gets me some exercise and helps me relax. When I'm extra stressed, I do needle-point and cross-stitching.

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