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             The cultivation of a hobby not allows us to relax properly, but it gives us a true sense of proportion. People in quite minor positions, as well as those who have many responsibilities to bear, often have an exaggerated idea of their own importance and consider themselves to be indispensable. They regard anything unconnected with their work with suspicion and are afraid even to take a holiday. "Who will take care of things when I"m gone?" they ask, unaware that "things" will go on just the same when they have really gone for good and there will always be. The man who really works well is he who can completely forget his work in the intervening hours when he is left to himself.
             Many times people choice some sport as their hobby such as boxing, trekking or swimming. These sports are also helpful to provide them a healthy life. Above all, sports help people to rest better, to avoid heart disease and look slimmer. In fact people get two things at the same time, they enjoy practising a sport and they feel good.
             Where, When? What to do? Are well known excuses in order to put off a hobby. But there are some brief answers to these questions. To collect stamps for instance, an album is all you need. It is true that time certainly flies but people just need an hour to free time activities. Leaving excuses behind whatever you do will be fine, the main point is to find relax and enjoyment.
             A hobby helps people to get ride of the tensions of every day life. As a matter of fact their sense of humour will be better, and they will improve their relationship with the others. Also, a hobby helps people to understand that their life begins when they leave the office, and they start enjoying their free time. Seems in these terms, a hobby enhances your free time and humour.
             The benefits of a hobby make people forget about their work and lead a full life. Because nobody is indispensable at work, whenever an employer wants he or she just gets ride of you and someone else takes your place.

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