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urban development

             Over the years many people have moved from rural country areas, into Urban City areas. Whether it is for convince of their job or simply personal preference to city life, the population is growing in the cities. Although poverty levels are higher for the most part in these cities, people are finding it more appealing to be away from the country like scene. In the city people are finding jobs easier, more forms of entertainment, and simply a faster paced life style, which many crave. For example, if you look in the New York Times the majority of jobs available are in New York City as opposed to Long Island or its surrounding areas. The same is also true for entertainment. As you walk down city streets you have an array of restaurants, movie theaters, nightclubs, or simply a nice park to sit and relax. In the country you have to drive at least one mile to get to an inferior selection of restaurants, and most likely one-movie theater to choose from. The cities are becoming so over populated that poverty pollution and crime are increasing. Imagine forty people crammed into a two-room apartment, the cities are becoming very much like that. The cost of living in the city is also increasing rapidly, more space is needed and people are willing to pay unbelievable prices to get their dream apartment in the heart of the city. .
             There are a wide range of economic and community development needs in the nation's communities, from job retention, creation, and training priorities to new investments in public facilities, and the development of affordable housing. Solutions to the growing problem of urban development are difficult to come across since the nations population prefers to live in the city. Most United States cities are having difficulty managing their budgets for necessary issues such as, education, transportation, and pollution. Therefor they do not have the financial resources or the means for keeping on top of other problems such as, maintenance of apartment buildings and the over all cost of living.

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