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The Right to Choose

            Legalizing abortion is one of the most controversial issues discussed in Thai society nowadays. The fight between the pro-life and pro-choice has been long and is getting more serious. One of the reasons is because abortion is a sensitive subject which involves many issues, such as human rights and religious belief. Therefore, abortion has always been in the gray area where nobody can decide whether it's right or wrong. However, from my point of view, abortion should be legalized in Thailand for two main reasons.
             Firstly, abortion can help prevent the children to have to be born in the cruel world where their family can't give them enough love and care. If a child is born in a family which is not ready for him, he will most likely to become a problem child and, sooner or later, be involved in more serious problem such as drugs or robbery causing more problems to the society. Moreover, the parents who are not ready to raise a child would also have a problem. Since most of them are young and still in school, they would have to drop out of school to raise their baby. Undoubtedly, parents who are this young and don't have much education wouldn't have enough responsibility to raise up the baby to become a good adults, since they themselves are also young and uneducated.
             Secondly, I strongly believe that women should have the right to choose what is best for them and legalizing abortion can widen the options. Nowadays, if a women gets pregnant unintentionally, her choices are mostly limited to just having a baby and raising it herself or having a baby and giving it to a foster family. Of course, she can also choose to do an illegal abortion with someone who she's not even sure whether he's a doctor or not and risk bleeding to death, but this is the choice that very few women choose. If abortion is legalized, women will be able to do it more safely, since they will be able to ask for professional help from doctors without having to worry that they will break the law.

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