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Choosing A Pet

            Choosing a pet can be a difficult process. By choosing a pet, one must have the appropriate amount of space, a strong budget, and be able to spend enough time with the pet. A variety of pets have high or low demands for these needs.
             First of all, space is an important factor on choosing a pet. If one owns a big house with a large amount of land, a dog or a cat would be a good choice. Dogs and cats require more space to roam around. If one is living in an apartment, one might consider choosing a rabbit or a bird. Rabbits and birds require little space, for they are caged animals. .
             Secondly, being able to maintain a stable budget is important. For example, purchasing a large dog will have high costing expenses. By purchasing a hamster, expenses are very cheap. Also, a pet should never be bought if it's going to be neglected of food, toys, and other needs a pet might have in demand. One must be able to provide a comfortable atmosphere for their pet by purchasing the things the pet needs. .
             Finally and most importantly, being able to spend enough time with a pet is required on choosing a pet. A dog or a cat has the need for a lot of attention. In other words, someone should be home often enough to keep the pet happy. If no one is not home much, a good choice of pets might include a fish or a hamster. These pets are only dependent on food, water and cleanliness. .
             One shall have to do a lot of thinking and planning ahead to be able to purchase the right pet for them. One has to look over the correct amount of space, the stability of they"re budget, and having the correct time schedule for having a pet to bring home.

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