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Employee Programs and Benefits

            Research suggests that almost half of all employees are looking for new jobs, and more than three quarters of them would jump ship at the right opportunity for a better job. The question is what are employers doing to keep their employees happy? Now more than ever, companies are in competition to attract and retain employees any way possible. To accomplish this, the company must have a constant, dependable showing of loyalty. In the job market today you want to keep good employees in your company and you also want to keep them as productive as possible. Showing loyalty begins with the company's commitment to common values, development opportunities and quality work relationships. Corporations are beginning to turn to the use of creative benefits to help them retain their valued employees and having these benefits will keep the employees focused on their jobs. While there are no magic formulas to retain your employees and keep them productive, there are some specific approaches, cost effective resources, and very simple things you can do to improve things in your company, such as Concierge Services, Back-up Child Care Services, College Admission Support, Assisted Care for Pets, Make it Fun, Wellness Programs, and Flexibility.
             One of the hottest benefits for employers with active professionals is membership in an Internet-based Concierge service. These services give the employee's time to focus more on their business. For a small fee, each member of the team can enjoy unlimited arrangements for personal use of dining, entertainment, recreation, accommodations, gifts and convenience services. Your employee will appreciate the extra time that they get to spend with their family and friends. Two of the largest national concierge services are City Access Providers and Circles. A lot of companies now offer daycare solutions for parents with short term child care concerns. Employer sponsored back up childcare gives parents a private, convenient resource if their regular daycare provider is sick, if school is closed unexpectedly, or if your employee is suddenly called out of town for a last minute meeting.

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