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hispanic in minnesota

             Social Studies Area of Learning and Inquiry.
             I have learned many things about Hispanics and Migrants this year in Spanish class. Now it is a little bit different because we are looking at Hispanics in Minnesota not Hispanics as a whole. .
             The Hispanics in Minnesota have made there ways here one way or another. There are a few different types of them here at different parts of our seasons. As I read in my book about the traveling family of Hispanics called Migrants made there way through the different farms staying at each place until the crop season came to a end. .
             The Hispanics in Minnesota have came here through Migrating from southern states or from Mexico and became citizens. Very few are illegal immigrants. Most of the population of Hispanics in Minnesota are settled out, or you could say they retired from migrating each and every year. .
             They live all over in Minnesota and other parts of the country. They basically live where ever they find jobs or careers. Some of the jobs they take up while here are with sugar beets, livestock, corn, poultry, vegetables, ore, granite, dairy products ,and many other jobs. The settled Hispanics can take up any jobs or careers that they wish just like you and I. .
             I have mentioned a few things already about their different groups but there are more reasons for the certain ways they do live. This is the technical definition of a Hispanic : adj [L hispanicus, fr. Hispania Iberian Peninsula, Spain] (ca. 1889): of, relating to, or being a person of Latin American descent living in the U.S.; esp: one of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin - Hispanic. It basically means that a Hispanic is a person from a Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican decent and that they are now living in the United States. I looked up the word Migrant and found the definition according to good ol" Mr. Webster's dictionary. Migrant- one that migrates: as a: a person who moves regularly in order to find work especially in harvesting crops.

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