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Computer crime

            Computer Crime, Security and Data Protection.
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             rs. But remember most invasions or infections don't result in serious injury to the system that has been attacked. The only real defence is limiting your risk by using virus scanners and enforcing security measures on network computers. But in the end, hackers see security systems as a challenge, not an obstacle. Computer fraud and crime .
             In the world of computers, computer fraud and computer crime are very serious issues facing every computer user. This ranges from system administrators to personal computer users who do work in the office or at home. Computers without any means of security are vulnerable to attacks from viruses, worms, and illegal computer hackers. If the proper steps are not taken, safe computing may become a thing of the past. Many security measures are being implemented to protect against illegalities. .
             The Computer Misuse Act, 1990 .
             Hacking, computer fraud and computer viruses are all relatively new crimes that established English laws were not designed to deal with. For example, under old laws, a hacker could only be prosecuted for the theft of electricity. To deal with these new crimes, a law was introduced in 1990 called The Computer Misuse Act. Under this law, the following offences could be dealt with: .
             1) Hacking- unauthorised access to any program or data held in a computer penalty is a maximum fine of000 and a six-month prison sentence. .
             2) Computer fraud and blackmail. Penalty is an unlimited fine and a maximum five-year prison sentence. .
             3) Viruses- unauthorised modification of the contents of a comp .
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