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            Some people say it's only girls at Spelman College in Atlanta, but it is most girls in general. They walk around with their heads held high and practically laugh at any guy that tries to get at them if they don't show some type of money; whether it be with a nice car or just straight out flashing bills. The main answer to this question of why girls think like that, stems back to us. GUYS. MALES. MEN. Men constantly tell girls how sexy they are, blatantly blowing their heads the fuck up. During my time in the AUC (Atlanta University Center) I see guys literally chasing after girls just to get them to stop and talk. This one time a girl that was sexy looking, ya know, was walking by with her little stuck-up prancy walk. Out of nowhere I see this stupid ass nigga from Morehouse, my college, start running until he gets about 5 feet past her. At this point he jumps around in an 180 degree motion with his arms held out while he yells, "STOP!" Now, the girl probably thinks 2 or 3 things. She first thinks, "Damn, this nigga thinks I'm so sexy that he had to run, lose some of his breath, lose some of his pride, risk embarrassment in front of all of his Morehouse brothers, just to say a few words to me and MAYBE get my number?" She can then optionally say to herself, "Hmm, well I guess I can give him the time of the day" - NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN, EVER! Or she can say, "Haha, let me play with this guy a little bit" - OFTEN. This dumb nigga is a perfect example of how girls can get their head blown up. If he did successfully get her number, when he calls her, if she picks up. it will most likely be a short conversation that she'll end with some lame excuse. Then this dumb nigga will constantly call her ass and she will constantly show her friends the silenced call with the name "Dumb Nigga" shown on her phone. The girls will all laugh and then ask their sexy friend what this dumb nigga's name is so they can tell all of their other friends.

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