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Forest Fire 2003

             This has been a year for forest fire in British Columbia. Currently there are 692 active fires. The dry weather has made the forests very vulnerable. Fire has devastated many communities in British Columbia impacting the social and economic structure of the province.
             There are major fires. The main fires that continue to burn were in Okanagan mountain park, Cranbrook, and in Kamloops areas.
             Many homes had been lost from forest fires already. In the Okanagan people are still on evacuation alert. Also the fire has burned some of the historical Kettle Valley train tracks.
             Premier Gorden Campbell declared British Columbia to be in a state of emergency at the beginning of August when the devastating fore in Kamloop destroyed ranches and homes. Many people had to leave their houses and many people lost their homes. The provincial and federal governments will provide money to help people rebuild. Also the citizens of British Columbia have raised 2.5 million dollars to help the victims of the forest fires. Many businesses have donated goods and services to help out victims. Many people quickly volunteered to help in the communities that have been affected by forest fires. People set up emergency shelters in schools. The Red Cross provided emergency shelter for them. The response for aid to help victims and to help with fighting the fires has been over whelming.
             It has been estimated that it will cost approximately $300 to $400 million dollars to fight the forest fires in British Columbia this summer. This is much more money than that government had planned to spend on fighting forest fires. People of British Columbia are concerned that the government will get the money by cutting other services. However some money will come from the Federal government to compensate victims, but this money will not help those people who have lost their jobs because of the fires.
             Tourism is the major industry in Kelowna and it has been greatly affected.

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