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Twelve Angry Men - Juror Two

            12 Angry Men, a play by Reginald Rose, is about twelve jurors who have to decide whether a kid is guilty or not. The kid was accused of killing his father and although he pleaded not guilty, the case had many facts that were against him. If the jurors had any reasonable doubt, they were supposed to vote not guilty. Juror Two is the juror that cannot make up his mind and finds it hard to speak his thoughts. He respects Juror Eight and his opinions more than the other Jurors do. Since it's hard for Juror Two to make a decision and actually keep that decision; he's more likely to listen to the thoughts and ideas of other. Although he did vote that the kid was guilty in the beginning, it didn't take much until he changed his vote to not guilty and again to guilty.and again to not guilty. He doesn't talk much and he tries hard to never hurt anybody's feelings. Juror Two never does anything on a whim and usually has everything planned out,if it's all planned out and he has a strict schedule written out. Juror Two is swayed back and forth many times based on whoever gave their arguments last. Reginald Rose used Juror Two in his playwright to symbolize the people in society that probably never has a chance to express his or her own opinions. .
             Juror Two is hesistant about talking in front of the Jurors. There are many parts where it says "hesitantly" or "timidly" next to Juror Two's lines. He is never sure of himself and he is insecure. "Juror Two hesitates a moment and says, pointing to Eight,'He seems so sure. And he has made a number of good points. While he (pointing to Three) only gets mad and insults everybody (pg.48).'" Two doesn't trust his own opinions so he follows along with whoever "seems right". He depends on somebody who seems so sure and calm to carry on his own vote, instead of actually aruging his points himself. .
             In the beginning of the play, Juror Two was quiet and hardly spoke but as the play went along, he gets more sure of himself.

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