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skeptical environmentalist

             The third chapter of Bjorn Lomborg's work, Skeptical Environmentalist, primarily talks about issues regarding population with the use of the studies conducted by the United Nations as well as the World Bank. Lomborg quotes the said organization, saying that "the real objective of development should be to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy and creative lives." He mentions that the UN "introduced the so-called Human Development Index to measure how long people can expect to live, how much knowledge they can acquire, and how high a living standard they can achieve." He also mentions that the WB "endeavors in a similar way to evaluate people's quality of life on the basis of life on the basis of life expectancy, malnutrition, access to clean water and sanitation, illiteracy and energy consumption." Although the lack of data limits the studies, what is important is that what is presented is "a general overview of the state of mankind.".
             I strongly agree with the finding that the "increase in population is mainly due to a dramatic fall in the death rate as a result of improved access to food, medicine, clean water and sanitation." The emergence of techniques and ways to lengthen and maintain the healthy life of a person as well as the finding of cures for different diseases with the help of science and technology indeed creates a new and better world for the people to live in. Men and women at the prime of their lives are still able to keep fit by either maintaining a very good dietary program or going to the gym and health spa. It is said that the primary cause of population growth in traditional agricultural and developing countries is the presence of more young people in the world because of the birth rate of 2.1 children per woman. I believe that there are several reasons for this: increased economic and educational opportunity, women's expanding access to family planning resources, and cultural changes within society.

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