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The Eco-Friendly Greenwashing of America

            Throughout the years, competition between companies has grown more strategic and intense. As a result of this and customers unease about environmental issues, countless organizations have began devoting themselves to draw in buyers by promoting "green" products and services. These "greenwashing" products, which are classified as eco-friendly and organic are certainly not as healthy as they are made out to be. Numerous companies have exaggerated their environmental claims, making it a hassle for customers to decipher real eco-friendly products from green-washed ones. In the article "Weasel Words: The Art Of Saying Nothing At All", ┬áLutz explains some of the numerous ways that advertisers use language to imply great things about products and services without actually promising anything at all. With substantial skill, advertisers can produce ads that make us believe a certain product is better than it truly is without directly lying about it. In another article titled "Be It Ever So Homespun, There's Nothing Like Spin,"┬áSeverson reflects on what she calls the "greenwashing" of America's grocery store shelves. What worries her is that consumers believe that when they purchase these greenwashed products they're "buying a specific set of healthy environmental and socially correct values" when this may not always be the case. Greenwashing is surely becoming an increasingly concerning predicament in our marketplace and can take a negative toll on the environment, customers, and even businesses taking part in the greenwashing. .
             Greenwashing is "disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image." It is a manipulative type of advertisement to persuade customers to believe a company's true intention is different from reality and it is becoming more and more popular in today's world.

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