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opposite force

            Nature and World( God's World) always have cycle. There is opposite forces, which can be defined in many different ways. The opposition force can be human's inner confliction, either physical forces which conflicting between all sorts of creature in the world. For example, cold air and hot air, winner and looser. This opposite force cannot be destroyed in our cycle of life and nature. To confine more deeply, the opposite force of human being is quite complicate than non- human beings. Because " human is thinking Animal". There is two parts of opposite force can be seen in human life. One is force between Man to Man, and a human themselves. This can be proving by Animal instinct in our human being that divides into simply Superior and inferior. This also appears in Animal kingdom that imperatively support the fact of our relationship with nature. (This can be prove in the novel " the old man and the Sea" ) Interestingly, however, when people gather and gains power to become superior group makes them " mob" and this psychology is defined as " mobmintality". This power they gained and becoming "mob" makes the inferior to be never defeated and become a winner. In our history this can be seen in the " world war 2" and " communism" like in North Korea. The people who followed Adolf Hitler were " mob", unthinking person like "sheep" ( this is expression I learned). And the conflicting force is braveness to save others by sacrificing one person. People such as, patriots,matin luther king and many others who fought for the opposite force ( who followed the road not taken), even when they can not win. Unfortunately, whether the superior is good or bad, this nature makes us to keep one of the conflicting forces to left to continue the next cycle of life. The Cycle of life will never disappear by keeping opposite force, which will never destroyed. Than, if there is opposite force, wouldn't they have "same force"?.

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