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The Country Husband

            In "The Country Husband" by John Cheever the main character or protagonist is Francis Weed. A successful middle-aged family man who lives in a suburban town named Shady Hill. Francis unknowingly is going through a midlife crisis. He lives in a community, which is flooded with characters that are drenched with inescapable conformity. These characters referred to as minor or secondary characters enlighten us the reader and Francis Weed by interacting with him. They are very crucial to the storyline, they illuminated the different aspects of him and helped Francis's attempt at "finding himself".
             The family dog Jupiter does not appear or is talked about frequently in this story, but yet his role is important because Jupiter symbolizes the opposite of conformity and a carefree spirit that Francis Weed wants to be. Jupiter was a rebel; he didn't obey any rules, in fact spent more time breaking them. "Jupiter went where he pleased, ransacking wastebaskets, clotheslines, garbage pails, and shoe bags. He broke up garden parties and tennis matches."(14). Jupiter's actions show that neither does he care or put effort in pleasing or impressing anyone, it seems what concerns him is his happiness. Even though these are selfish acts, Francis's character is full of envy because Jupiter is still his own boss. However, what we might think keeps Francis from idolizing Jupiter's attitude, is how his spontaneous and full of life nature made him ".an anomaly. His retrieving instincts and his high spirits were out of place in Shady Hill"(10). It may have very well settled his faith because of his mischief "The Wrightsons' German gardener or the Farquarsons' cook would soon poison him. Even old Mr. Nixon might put some arsenic in the garbage that Jupiter loved"(25). .
             The Farquarsons's new maid, appears only once in the story, but her connection to Francis is critical because she is an exemplary of what might happen to Francis if he decides to break free of the unwritten laws in Shady Hill.

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