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analysis of an arguement

            Response to In Defense of Testing by Diane Ravitch.
             We should be tested properly and correctly. Without testing, there would be no fact of life. Truthfully, I do believe we should be tested throughout our lives to help us improve for future generations. Testing in schools helps public officials decide whether or not they should introduce new programs. I also disagree with the earlier placement of children in school. If we were all put into classes based on our IQ scores then I guess we wouldn't get the education we needed. As Ravitch says in her essay, "this history reminds us that tests should be used to improve education, not ration it."(25).
             In the past, students weren't able to get extra help in after school or even summer programs. In fact, there are more teachers today who firmly believe that education is a fundamental element for a child's future. With this in the back of these teachers" minds, they are able to set up programs to help students or even parents that fall behind in school. Also, in the earlier years, the same programs were taught the same way every year. Now that we have introduced testing into the school system, the public officials take the test scores into consideration when deciding whether or not they should introduce new programs to the curriculum. .
             As in the past, children were placed into classes based on their IQ scores. Ravitch states, " based on IQ scores, millions of children were assigned to dumbed-down programs instead of solid courses in science, math, history, literature, and foreign language."(24). I disagree with this placement of the children because some may be smarter than what their IQs show. With the introduction of testing, the students are able to take a test and are then placed into the class level based on their test scores. With this method, the child is able to be in a class where he/she feels comfortable.
             Testing should be consistent throughout the child's education.

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